Why you should delete some of your facebook friends ?

Why you should delete some of your facebook friends ?

First of all, I am not monster or evil person. I treat social media as business. Social media is way of networking with others. I use it as way to talk and communicate with strangers around world. I understand this might not be good thing for some people. Facebook friends should communicate with you or at least like your status once a year otherwise there is no point of keeping that Facebook friend. Some people think this isn’t healthy sign however thumbing up or showing love on your Facebook shouldn’t be problem.

Facebook is business at end of day. I understand some people treat it as dating or other reasons. I treated as business. Facebook is great tool for networking purposes.  I don’t get attached to people on social media anymore. I delete people on daily. Engagement is very important to me because otherwise we would just have facebook with bots.

If you are my Facebook friend i have grading system in place. This system is sole purpose is simple and to point. If you provide zero engagement you will be deleted no excuses. I delete people because we live in world thats very dangerous and scary at same time. This system protects from strange activity from internet.

You should have system in place like this because this world is very scary and you don’t know who is truly on other side honestly. You have to protect yourself against spammers and scammers these days. Internet Safety is very important. Everyone should browse follower or facebook friend once a while.


By Marthen Jajou

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