why i decided to make bet $350K on Facebook ?

I believe people are forgetting that Facebook is still Facebook. There are too many stock market experts literally anyone with twitter becomes one. People are laughing on this bet because lets be honest they have zero balls to take this bet. Everyone on social media has called me moron or idiot because i feel Facebook will bounce stronger. i do believe Facebook will be $250 or more per share. If you don’t risks in life to be successful then you will never successful. I think everyone is living in bubble of caution life. If you want to be average then keep making average bets. I choose not to be average. Facebook will be $250 per share. Many of you are going to ask why am i so confident in Facebook. MY answer is Facebook is still Facebook at end of the day. Everyone wants be Facebook hater. If you want to be millionaire then you better start making crazy bets on your self.

Mark Zuckerberg is business genius. He understands how to bounce back in hartbeat(no punt intended). Facebook still has whatsapp,instagram and many others under its belt. People shouldn’t worry about value because it is still profiting millions of dollars. Entrepreneurs Love running ads on Facebook more because the data is powerful.

Ladies and Gentlemen there are two people in this world. Risk Takers-people who are hungry for buck and there are losers caution am i fucking too smart to make this trade. let me ask you this which one are you ?

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