why being single could make you into millionaire ?

why being single could make you into millionaire ?

Single isn’t fun for some people. Everyone needs love but being single could make you rich also. Sometimes we need to be loved i get it. The time and money you spend on relationship can’t be brought back. Relationships are also very messy. I don’t understand why you need to be hurt.

Relationship are nice to have but if or when they end you are sad for at least month or more. You need to think about that. Time can’t be brought back no matter what. I know from personal experience. Relationships are waste to me at this time honestly. I see zero value from being in relationship all you get is being hurt for month.

You should focus on making million bucks instead feeling good for two weeks. Everyone thinks relationships will make you happy but that’s just false. Why do you want to get hurt over and over again. I think people are taught relationship equals happiness at very early age. This is where problem becomes bigger problem in society. We should teach millions equal sources of comfortable living.

Schools are engaged in this at very early part. Valentines should be banned all they do is promote buying cards and candy therefore making love into competition.

Focus on finding solutions to problems instead finding love because all you do is buy gift and waste time. Time is gold currency of world.

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