What if Time Machine Actually Existed Today ?

Time Machine have been always talked since back to future movies. I do not believe time machine could exist by now. Let’s entertain idea if we had one what we would do with it. What events would you change in history. I would be scared because i don’t want to change anything from past that could mess up history. History shouldn’t be changed because it can change for worse and changing certain events in society would make big impact for worse part ever. I don’t want change anything.

Time Machines are nearly impossible to invent. Bad guys would use it to change history and alter past. Future time machines are more possible then past. We can change future by certain action we take. Future Events have yet to happen therefore building time machine for future is possible. I like to think changing past doesn’t really present dangerous but I’m probably wrong. I also like to say never change history unless you know the effects behind them.

History shouldn’t be changed because it will make certain events worse then they are now today. I believe every action or interaction we take changes future event in our lives.

If time machine existed today i would like talk to Wright Brothers and Al Capone because i find them very interesting. Time machines would be interesting for observing history only not changing it. Many people believe changing horrible events in history think preventing them is the key i have to disagree with that idea. You shouldn’t change history because of bad people. Bad people played important roles in making this world better. Evil bring good together and stronger.

Time machines are not real and will be invented for past but for future is still possible. We can all change future by one act.

By Marthen Jajou

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