March 2018- best penny stocks to invest in

1.Spi Energy Co Ltd (SPI) currently as of feb 12th of 2018 this stock is trading at .73 per share. i would wait until this hit under .60 per share. this company is gold. i can see this stock going over $3.50 per share.

2.Atossa Genetics Inc (ATOS) currently trading at .55 per share. this stock has potential to reach over $15.75 per share. this company has been making a lot of progress in finding cure for cancer. Cancer stocks are big potential and if you owe this stock hold on because you will regret it if you sell it.

3.Walter investment Group (WAC) This company is hanging on with fight. This stock will sky rocket to 2.50 at some point this year.
after filing for chapter 13 shares jumped from 0.25 to .85 per share.

4. Evine Live Inc (EVLV) This company is steal. we have seen this stock at 1.65 now trending at 1.15 per share. The potential earning on this stock is up to .25 to.50 per share. You need to buy this stock and keep your patience for big run.

5.China Pharma Holdings, Inc. (CPHI) This stock is fighting against all odds. Chinese stocks are gold and with huge potential earning. Honestly if you buy it at 0.25 to .30 its steal of the year.

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