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How to make money off your phone ?

Everyone needs extra cash these days. Today we will take great ways to gain some cash without doing anything illegal. You are broke that is why you are reading this article.

  • EasyShift is app where you get paid to check and audit different. The pay model isn’t so bad 6-150 per Task. You are getting paid to tasks while you are shopping at target,walmart or other awesome retailers. Check it out
  • Doordash is simple way to make money. This is very simple way to generate income. You get paid per deliver ranging from $6 to $14. If you are doordashing in city such chicago you can make about solid $500 per week. It is based on how hard you work and time you invest in this gig. check it out
  • Live Me is great way to make friends and money off your phone. The more diamonds you have the more cash you will have in your pocket. I love this app cause i personally use it as real estate marketing tool. Follow me

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