How did one Ted Talks conference changed my life ?

How did one Ted Talks conference changed my life ? I was depressed in my tiny room. I was crying for someone that was lie and false love. I have always said one day i will be famous. i was searching for something that was false. I was trying to look some answers on youtube and google. First thing i came across is Mel Robbins Ted Talks Conference. Everything in the video made sense. I watched whole video.

Five Seconds Rule was best rule i ever followed in my life. This video completely changed how i see whole world. Every Action that we do or decide on should be done in 5 seconds. I use 5 seconds rule on everything. I love Ted Talks so much that i recommend it to all my friends and anyone who is bored out of their minds because you never know what impact that one video might have. i watched so many things in my life but nothing is worth watching beside Ted Talks video on youtube.

Ted Talks Conference are great to past time on. I Watched so many from that one video that day. I love it so much that i watch one everyday at least. Reward yourself with any Ted Talks because they truly help your mind in long term.

By Marthen Jajou

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