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    why i decided to make bet $350K on Facebook ?

    I believe people are forgetting that Facebook is still Facebook. There are too many stock market experts literally anyone with twitter becomes one. People are laughing on this bet because lets be honest they have zero balls to take this bet. Everyone on social media has called me moron or idiot because i feel Facebook will bounce stronger. i do believe Facebook will be $250 or more per share. If you don’t risks in life to be successful then you will never successful. I think everyone is living in bubble of caution life. If you want to be average then keep making average bets. I choose not to be average.…

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    Stock Spotlight:China Pharma Holdings, Inc ( CPHI)

    China Pharma Holdings Inc has been undervalued in the recent couple of years. Here’s another stock that’s highly underrated right now in the market. The potential has huge upside. The current price is .42 just couple of days it was at .29 per share. Chinese penny stocks are less risky comparing to other stocks. Revenue for company is up to 1.17% since 2016. All penny stocks are risky and research is key to being successful. China Pharma Holding Inc is an US-based drug manufacturing company. It is mainly engaged in the development, manufacture, and marketing of pharmaceutical products for human use in connection with a variety of high-incidence and high-mortality…

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